Hello, i'm Jane

Born and raised in Brockville, Ontario, I've returned to my hometown to fulfill some big dreams. After several years living and working in Toronto's music industry, I noticed something was drastically missing. With lots of soul searching, I realized my creativity wasn't being used and I wanted to improve the every day lives of others. Floral design didn't come into mind until friends and family were commenting on my online posts and were encouraging me to pursue a career in it. For me, it was a way to introduce some self-care into my week. With lots of friendly pushing from others, I garnered enough courage to leave the security of my office job in Toronto's downtown-core, attend Toronto Flower School, and move back to Brockville (terrifying! I know!). If you want to bring some florals into your home or to your event, feel free to contact me (I promise I'm friendly!). Even if you just want to just talk flowers, I'd be more than glad to chat!